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Biografía de Andrea Wen


Born in Venezuela, educated in Europe (Spain), a true citizen of the world. Bilingual in English and Spanish. Qualified with European Baccalaureate in Performing Arts and Music. Student of Filmmaking and Production at the NYFA New York Film Academy.


Multifaceted Woman in the Arts, Business, and Charity. A creative talent as a Writer, Journalist, Public Speaker, Screenwriter, Actress, and Filmmaker. Creator of the independent production firm Productions B3YOND.


Creator of One Humanity One World (OHOW) Global Social Movement and Co-Creator of One GOD One Religion (OGOR) Global Unification Movement.


Environmental Activist. An Intellectual Art Lover, Passionate about Theology and World Cultures, with a life focus on the accumulation of wisdom from divine sources.


In Business, she is a Partner of Future Trends, an International Corporation, which conducts business in various regions, diverse industries, and with multiple formulas and modes of operation, has brought mega business projects to Future Trends member companies such as BREG (Belgian Renewable Energy Group) and Messenger Bank among others.


Advisor and personal assistant to the board of directors as well as Partner of KLYTEC, a technical consulting company dedicated to the development of technologies for the betterment of mankind and the environment.


As an international journalist, she has worked as Our Collective's overseas correspondent for the Wall Street News Agency. 


Shareholder and Creative Director of NFTiMart, a corporation formed to provide an online marketplace to create and promote Non-Fungible Token (NFT).


Freelance designer of publicity materials and business presentational pitch decks. Content creator for social media and promotional videos for charities and private companies.

"There's no Secret for the ones who are not afraid of the Truth"
"Life is a Dream We live like a Movie"
The End of a Cycle is the Beginning of a whole New Book!"
face collage andrea wen
"The World belongs for the ones that aren't afraid to make their dreams come true."
Open your Eyes, Open your Mind, Open your Heart, Open your Soul, the Key is immersed in your Stillne
"I'm off my feet, I'm waking up inside a Dream"



A multilingual Author, she published her first novel and first book of poems when she was only 13 years old. However, she has also written stories and poems since 6 years old. Her latest publication was the "OHOW Manifesto" in June 2020.

Actress from age of 16, she was educated at the Theater School of Girona El Galliner. Scriptwriter and Director of three theatrical plays.

Independent Filmmaker and film Editor, currently Producing her first Documentary Film "The Man Who Met GOD" a true-life movie filmed in Istanbul, Turkey.


"To me, art is the proof that magic exists, and artists are the magicians with the power to bring to life the most dreamlike ideas their imagination can dream up."  

- Andrea Wen -

"Bloom as if you were the powerful Spring."
"I see Hope blooming in the Hearts of the Believers."
"Sow a beautiful garden, unleash the spring"
"V"Flying in the vastness of Nothingness."olando en la vastedad de la Nada."
"The Butterflies taught me how to fly to the Stars."
"Someday they will understand that everything on this eARTh is a work of Art"


Andrea fell in love with the art of storytelling almost the instant she learned to write, but when she discovered what poetry was at the age of six, a spark awoke within her. She marveled with the melody of verse, the musicality of words, the feeling of prayer and the passion for the beautiful things of this world.

For her, being a poet is a philosophy, an inspiring lifestyle in which small details acquire a fascinating aspect.

She published her poetry anthology "Poética" in 2019, a collection of poems written from 2013 to 2018 that covers a wide variety of topics.

However she published her first poetry book "Poemas & Prosas de la Inspirada" on September 29, 2014, which exceeded 60 thousand Reads. Other published poetry books are "Cuando el Sol Muera" (2015) and "Pintores sin Pintura" (2015).


1 Years Old
5 Years Old
5 Years Old
3 Years Old
3 Years Old
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6 Years Old


With a warm and happy childhood, my family was, from the beginning, my world. Sweet and affectionate because of the environment that surrounded me, as a child I was already a very self-confident girl, I always felt a fascination for learning, for art, colors, words, music... Since I learned to speak I have not tired to do so, and since I learned to write there has not been a single day that I have not continued to write.  

I believe that despite the unstoppable course of the years, the innocence of that little creature will always live within me. That  light in the look, those grimaces, expressiveness, enthusiasm and hope, it is something immortal that will never be detached from my essence.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by cinema, science fiction, fantasy, fairy tales and legends, although it was always difficult for me to distinguish reality from illusion, since, for some reason, I have always felt that I lived in a theatrical play.

This caused me to develop an unwavering attitude of questioning everything. I have always felt a great interest in philosophy, with a special esteem for Descartes and Plato. In the same way, it didn't take me long to get into science, which promised to be able to answer all my questions, but in reality only raised many more questions in my mind. In order to forge my worldview, I learned to read between the lines, and to read everything, fitting together all kinds of sacred readings like different pieces of the same puzzle. That made me realize that harmony only exists in the intrinsic unity of things.

Worldwide Speaker

She has participated in multiple conferences organized by the GPK Foundation (Nepal/America) on topics such as Journalism, Democracy, Women's Rights, Education, Risks and Benefits of Technology etc. Special guest at the conference "Global Crisis" organized by AlltraTV  translated into more than 72 languages. Interviewed by AllatraTV (Russia) on the importance of unity to achieve Peace. She has organized more than 8 international conferences with renowned speakers from all over the world for her social movement One Humanity One Word.

Why Does Humanity Need Unification Today?

Why Does Humanity Need Unification Today?

🌎 July 24, 2021, was the day of the TRUTH. It is a bitter truth, but it is worse to live in illusions that everything is fine, hiding one’s head in the sand. That day, people around the world heard shocking information about the crises humanity is facing today. Throughout the conference, participants were voicing the way out of the current situation — it is UNIFICATION OF ALL PEOPLE ON THE PLANET AND BUILDING THE CREATIVE SOCIETY! Today, speakers from different countries will gather at the international round table to share their impressions of the conference and find an answer to the question together: on what foundations is people’s unity possible, and how can we all unite, survive, and build a beautiful world for ourselves and our descendants? The following topics will also be discussed: 📌 Why can we not cope with the challenges of the global crisis while being in a fragmented state of a consumer society? 📌 Why can we only cope by uniting in the common goal of building the Creative Society? 📌 Why is it so important for people to have truthful information about what is happening? As humanity, we are on the brink of an abyss, and it is only one step away. But if we find the strength to unite, we can endure and save ourselves and our planet from destruction. Conference "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone" with a selection of available languages on the official website of the Creative Society project: YouTube broadcast of the conference in English: The Future? This Affects Everyone | NEW VIDEO with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov: Official website of ALLATRA TV International Internet Television Email: #ALLATRA #CreativeSociety #GlobalCrisis #allatraunites
Being united is our first priority. Andrea Wen on Creative Society | Allatraunites

Being united is our first priority. Andrea Wen on Creative Society | Allatraunites

We are happy to welcome our special guest - Andrea Wen, well known as the creator of One Humanity One World, Executive Director of KLYSTAR, Environmental Activist, and Filmmaker. Today we are living in a special time, where we as a humanity have a chance to build a world worthy of a human to live in, a society where the value of human life is above everything, and this is the Creative Society. We are going to rise up the questions which concern everyone: ✔ What are the major crises we are facing as a society today? ✔ What is happening to the climate? ✔ Why are people so divided today? ✔ What values should be the basis for the unity of all people? ✔ Why are unification and building a creative society so important? Moreover, we will talk about the 8 foundations, which are the pillars for building the Creative Society. Initiated by people, the Creative Society project has been launched on the platform of ALLATRA International Public Movement for the whole of Humanity. As all people want to live happily and feel secure, Creative Society is our chance to implement this in reality. More information on the website: "GLOBAL CRISIS. THIS ALREADY AFFECTS EVERYONE" "CREATIVE SOCIETY. What the Prophets Dreamed of", March 20, 2021 "Creative Society" "CREATIVE SOCIETY. UNITED WE CAN", December 20, 2020. International Online Conference on ALLATRA IPM platform #allatraunites #creativesociety
violinist Andrea Wen


Musician, singer-songwriter, and composer. I learned to play the violin when I was 10 years old, why the violin? Because Albert Einstein played it, and because the first time I heard its sound in person it made every inch of my skin bristle.

Even though one musical instrument is never enough for a music lover, the piano and the ukulele also sound in my hands.

I believe that music is the proof that Magic exists and I have never stopped believing in fairies and wizards. I always knew that the world could become a wonderful place, if we made some effort to change the things that everyone ignored and if a lot more love was put into everything we do. I think I was a very, very lucky child.

Violin Andrea Wen
Musica Andrea Wen
Autora Andrea Wen
concierto Andrea Wen

"Set Yourself Free from The Chains of Fears and Ignorance"

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