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Artist - Filmmaker - Producer - Director - Screenwriter - Actress - Editor - Writer - Poet - Graphic Designer - Painter - Content Creator - Journalist - Speaker - Translator - Shareholder - Activist for Human Rights, the environment and Peace.
Creator of the global social movement OHOW
One Humanity One World, for a New World of Peace
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Journalist, Overseas Correspondent and columnist for the WALL STREET NEWS AGENCY and speaker for the GPK Foundation on Journalism and Fake News. In the media lies the power to spread the truth.


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Limits have never existed in the skies, nor in the earth… Limits only exist in the minds of those who can’t believe in the Infinite

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We were born with the responsibility to make the World better than it ever was

Andrea Wen speaker


Peace is Born within Our Essence

Feel it when you close your Eyes

Hear it when you open your Soul

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