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pelicula documental por Andrea Wen
documental y pelicula por Andrea Wen
Grabación de vídeo de cocina

Subtitled in Spanish


the man who met god for Andrea Wen
the man who met god for Andrea Wen
the man who met god for Andrea Wen

Documentary Film


A Film by Andrea Wen Starring Leong Ying

Knowledge and Truths will take us beyond the Stars

Original Music by Daniel D.R-F, Julie Dennis and Eleni & Souzana Vougioukli - Director of Photography Linda Zoraya - Produced by Productions BEYOND in assocIation with KLYSTAR - Written and Directed by Andrea Wen.


Understanding the Universe, would mean to understand why Creation ever occurred, the Purpose of Existence itself, the true Reason for being here. And in spite of all the enigmas and mysteries that escape our imagination, we keep asking ourselves if there is something else... someone else...

We have always been fascinated by the Stars, our hearts have always heard their call, and perhaps it is because something is awaiting for us, something without a name, something without a form, something marvelous and unknown...
If we were able to open our minds and our souls, the unknown, would not seem so far away in the firmament.

Could anyone define or understand what lies beyond, could anyone come to know the unknown?

The Documentary Film "THE MAN WHO MET GOD" narrates the true story of how the nuclear physicist, Dr. Leong Ying, came upon the scientific evidence that proves the unquestionable existence of a Single Omnipotent Consciousness, even though he was an atheist when he made such a discovery, he had to make an epic journey to attain the truth, and begin to spread the knowledge from the Cosmos that led him to met GOD.

This film has been specially shot in Istanbul, Turkey, cradle of discovery and empyrean bridge between universes.




B3YOND Productions in association with KLYSTAR.
Written and Directed by Andrea Wen
Starring Leong Ying
Original Music by Daniel D.R.F,
Julie Dennis and Eleni & Souzana Vougioukli
Cinematography by Linda Zoraya
Contributors: Gabriel Watson, Sonya B. Watkins
Filmed in Istanbul (Turkey), New Jersey (USA), Catalonia (Spain) 

avión no tripulado de la lente
Cámara en la grúa

Interview for NYFA

Interview with business consultant and author of several books Linda Zoraya, on her book "Mom" in which she delves into the aspect of motherhood, the role of women and the family structure in society. An interview in Spanish with English subtitles, presented as a project for the New York Film Academy (NYFA).


Trailer for the book "GOD" by author Dr. Leong Ying. A scientific manuscript that proves the existence of "God" ( Single Omnipotent Consciousness) explaining many other scientific phenomena and discoveries as well as demonstrating the new ultimate theory of everything; the theory of Twin Universe.

Video Conference presentation commissioned by the non-profit organization KLYSTAR explaining the Scientific Theory of the Twin Universe demonstrated by Dr. Leong Ying.

I made this video as a donation to the organization BISBALGAT to raise awareness among the local population and collect signatures for the enforcement of the animal protection law. For the justice and protection that rescued animals deserve. Video with Catalan subtitles. -25th October 2019-

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